Tox Course

Next Course – starting January 2024

The next course will start in January 2024.  Applications will open around September 2023.  An announcement will first be sent to TAPNA members and then further information will be available on this page.  If you would like to register your interest in the course, to receive news of the applications opening, please send through  your details to the Secretariat:


  • To improve knowledge and understanding of the clinical features of toxicity from pharmaceutical agents and the underlying mechanisms of toxicity
  • To develop skills in risk assessment and management of common and medically important chemicals and non-pharmaceutical agents
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the management of patients poisoned with common toxic agents, including resuscitation, decontamination, enhanced elimination techniques and use of antidotes
  • To develop understanding of the mechanisms of envenoming and plant poisonings.

Course Structure

One year course: aimed at clinicians who manage poisoned patients as part of their daily work, to improve knowledge and confidence in managing acutely poisoned patients.  This is Year 1 of the 2 year course.

Two year course: primarily aimed at clinicians who want to become consultant clinical toxicologists in their institution and for the Poisons Information Centre, and for those with a keen tox interest to cover more unusual poisonings and nuances of telephone toxicology

Course Delivery

An online modular course with 4 x 10 week modules per year

Tutors: Clinical Toxicologists within the Australasian Region who will supervise and may engage in the discussion thread.

Students are expected to regularly contribute to weekly case-based discussion topics on LMS. Each week a student will be allocated to lead the discussion – you do not need to answer all the questions but should start the discussion early each week. Tutors will usually allow student discussion to occur before they engage.

An end of week video lesson will be held on Friday afternoon (with the video available for catch up if you are unable to attend the lesson)

You should expect to spend up to 10 hours per week in reading, on-line discussion and lecture.

Course Cost

The cost of the course is A$3000 per year.  This includes complementary TAPNA membership for the year.

If you are accepted into the 2021 course, you will be expected to confirm your space with full payment within one month of receiving the acceptance.

Who can Apply?

The course is open to both medical and SPI applicants.


Formative assessment: 2 short written assignments per module (point format), regular contribution to weekly discussion (at least 50%)

Summative assessment: A pass mark of 50% is set for each assessment to be awarded a certificate of successful course completion. Please note this course does not offer postnominals.

Year One: end of year examination by MCQ based on modules 1-4

Year Two: End of year written examination to cover all 8 modules, plus submission of a case book reflecting on 8 clinical cases of poisoning you have personally managed.

2021 Dates: Please note these dates may be subject to minor changes

Module Topic Start End
Module 1 Core Principles 14 June 2021 23 August 2021
Module 2 Toxidromes 30 August 2021 7 November 2021
Module 3A Pharmaceuticals 15 November 2021 19 December 2021
Christmas Holidays
Module 3B Pharmaceuticals 24 January 2022 27 February 2022
Module 4A Non – Pharmaceuticals 7 March 2022 10 April 2022
Easter Holiday
Module 4B Envenoming 18 April 2022 25 May 2022
First Year Examination – Week starting 6 June 2022
Module 5 Uncommon Agents Starting July 2022 – Dates TBA
Module 6 Mixed Overdoses Dates TBA
Module 7 Metals and Envenoming Dates TBA
Module 8 Telephone Toxicology Dates TBA